• Diagnostics in the Veterinary Field:
    The role in health surveillance
    and disease identification

    May 15-17, 2019
    Dorinth Pallas Hotel
    Wiesbaden, Germany
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    » IABS
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About the Meeting

Objectives of the meeting

Diagnostics are an essential tool to ensure the health of domestic and wild animals for both endemic and emerging diseases. They allow animal health professionals to understand and manage the general health status of domestic animals. They are also important tools to support public health initiatives in the case of zoonotic disease control. The meeting will provide an overview of existing systems and approaches / strategies for the use of diagnostics and to discuss the currently available diagnostics. The advantages / benefits and disadvantages / gaps of the current methods and methodologies will be identified and discussed. Proposals on how to increase the quality, efficacy, and utility of the existing strategies and methods and those under development will be made.

Scientific committee

Dr. Sandra Blome
Friedrich Löffler Institut
Dr. Attila Farsang
Dr. Cyril Gay
Dr. Richard Hill
Dr. Carmen Jungbäck
IABS, Chair
Vaughn Kubiak
Dr. Serge Leterme
Dr. David Mackay
Dr. Paul Midtlyng
University of Oslo
Dr. Egbert Mundt
Prof. Dr. Amir Noormohammadi
University of Melbourne
Dr. Sjaak de Wit
GD Animal Health